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Free Initial Bankruptcy Attorney Consultation

debt re-organization restructuring plans for Ohioans

What to expect when you visit our office for your
FREE Initial Ohio Bankruptcy Filing Consultation with Bankruptcy Attorney Ken L. Sheppard, Jr

When you come to Sheppard Law Offices for your Free Initial Consultation, Bankruptcy Lawyer Kenneth Sheppard, Jr. will review your specific situation. Attorney Sheppard will analyze your case and discuss with you in general, easy to understand terms what options and strategies are available to you. Our goal is to provide you with the information to decide the best method of debt relief for your specific situation. If filing bankruptcy is right for you, we will help you determine the best time to file, and steps to take to create the best possible outcome.

What to Bring to your Free Bankruptcy Consultation

Nothing is required for your first meeting, however you should arrive with a general idea about your financial situation.
Important items to know:
Annual household income
Your Income Sources (i.e. wages, self-employment income, SSI, disability income, retirement benefits, etc.)
What assets you own and their current values
General idea of current debts and expenses

When you arrive for your free initial consultation, you will complete a one page general intake form, this will provide Bankruptcy Attorney Ken Sheppard with a general idea of your concerns. The free initial bankruptcy consultation typically lasts about 30 minutes, however it can last longer (at no cost) when needed to address your situation.

Compassion and Respect

One of the most unique aspects of Sheppard Law Offices is the compassion and respect we show our clients and prospective clients. Akron-Canton, Ohio Bankruptcy Attorney Kenneth Sheppard Jr. understands the different feelings you may have with regards to filing for bankruptcy, and it is his intent to help you to feel comfortable about resolving your debt issues.

Evaluation of Best Solution for Your Financial Situation

During the free initial bankruptcy consultation we will discuss the various options and strategies available to you. Some of the options include debt consolidation, dealing with the creditors directly, or filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection.

On target in finding the best debt resolution for your stressful financial problems, whether your debt issues are caused by high credit card interest rates, facing foreclosure and trying to keep house, late on auto payments and facing reposession, facing lawsuits, or another situation.

If you choose debt consolidation, debt relief Attorney Ken Sheppard, Jr. can recommend a reliable debt consolidation company for you to discuss your situation with. If you choose to handle directly the bankruptcy lawyer can provide you some information and best practices on how to best settle high credit card bills and other debts directly. If bankruptcy is the right choice for you, Attorney Ken Sheppard, Jr. can help you decide which type of bankruptcy, chapter 7 or chapter 13 will allow for the best possible outcome to your financial situation.

Bankruptcy Attorney Kenneth Sheppard, Jr. can go over the differences between filing Chapter 7 and filing Chapter 13 bankruptcies and which offers you the best solution to your situation. The bankruptcy lawyer may discuss timing strategies and help to determine when the correct time is for you to file bankruptcy. If there any pending lawsuits you can also expect to discuss how they should be handled prior to filing bankruptcy and how they are impacted once a bankruptcy is filed.

How Your Assets are Affected & Life After Filing Bankruptcy

All debts and all assets of a debtor are included in a bankruptcy filing. Columbus, Ohio Bankrupcty Attorney Ken Sheppard will explain how your assets will be affected by filing either a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy and what may be required if you wish to keep certain assets such as a car or home.

Additional discussions may include:
Common misconceptions about bankruptcy
Post-Bankruptcy impact of Reaffirmation agreements
How debts are treated in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
How debts are treated in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
Rebuilding Credit including obtaining loans or credit cards after bankruptcy

Akron-Canton, Ohio Bankruptcy Attorney Ken Sheppard Jr. will explain how the bankruptcy process works, both in his office pre-filing and once your bankruptcy case is filed.

How Your Bankruptcy Attorney is Paid

Columbus, Ohio Bankrupcty Lawyer Kenneth L Sheppard, Jr will explain the attorney fee structure and payment plan options. Sheppard Law can be retained for $400.00, which is part of the overall attorney fees, additionally we offer a bankruptcy payment plan to allow you to pay for the cost of filing bankruptcy over several payments.

Ending Creditor Harassment

Upon retaining Sheppard Law Offices you may begin to refer your creditor calls to our office in order to end creditor harassment and reduce and/or eliminate the stress of dealing with bill collectors.

There are numerous issues and topics covered when deciding which option and strategy is the best fit for your particular situation and desired financial outcome.

We look forward to helping to relieve the stress of your financial situation at your FREE initial consultation. Contact Sheppard Law Offices and Attorney Kenneth L. Sheppard, Jr. to discuss your particular situation. Call today to schedule your free consultation at 1-877-505-9455. For your convenience we have bankruptcy law offices in Columbus, Newark, and Mt. Vernon, Ohio.